ZOTAC unveils its new lineup for mini PCs before CES 2020!


ZOTAC unveils its new lineup for mini PCs before CES 2020!

ZOTAC, which is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of computer hardware, and many of you have heard this name from your Graphic cards. It is because ZOTAC has its own lineup of RTX Super based cards.

Well, the company has announced that it will be coming up with a new lineup of mini PCs, or should we say portable PCs in the near future. ZOTAC did not wait for the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 for this announcement. It looks like the company is in a hurry to introduce its new range of mini PCs. Let’s take a look at what ZOTAC has in store for its customers.

ZOTAC Inspire Studio

This lineup of products is solely based on those creators who work on media-based content. Talking about the configurations, it will be having a 65W octa-core Intel processor up to Core-i7, a staggering 32 gigs of RAM, 2 TB of HDD, and an additional 512 gigs of SSD for more smoother functioning. The generation of the Intel processor is not known yet.

ZOTAC Inspire Studio- mini PCs

Talking about GPU, the Inspire Studio has its own range of ZOTAC RTX Super based cards. Apart from the configurations, the white box will be running the Windows 10 Pro OS, and it also has support for Wi-Fi 6 and Dual Ethernet connectivity.



With the launch of new lineups, the company is also looking to renew its previous series, such as the MAGNUS. One of the major changes in this lineup will be the introduction of RTX Supergraphics. Talking about the configurations of the MAGNUS EC72070S and EC52060S, both of these have 45W Intel Core i5 or i7 processors paired up with 64 gigs of RAM.

While the MAGNUS EN92080V has the Intel Core i9 processor paired up with the powerful RTX 2080 GPU. Just like the Inspire Studio, the generation of the Intel processor is not known yet.

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The MAGNUS lineup is not alone, for the first time after almost five years ZOTAC is going to upgrade its NANO lineup, which includes AMD-powered hardware. The NANO concludes of two models i.e. ZBOX M Series MA621 nano and the ZBOX C series CA621 nano, both of these models will be running AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor paired up with Radeon Vega 3 GPU.

That does not mean Intel is out of the question, you can still buy Intel-powered models, which will be running 15W Intel Core processors up to Core-i7 based on the 10th generation. The only thing that differentiates the M series and C series is that cooling on the M series is active while the C series is passively cooled.

ZBOX Edge Lineup

Currently, the Edge lineup has two models up its sleeve. One of them is the ZBOX C series edge CI341, powered by a Celeron N4100 processor. Apart from the hardware, the C series has features like Bluetooth 5, Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The C series is 1.26 inches (32.1 mm) thick.

ZBOX C- Mini Pcs

Now coming towards the ZBOX M series edge MI643, most of its configurations is the same as the C series. There are several things that differentiate it from the CI341 one of them is C series is passively cooled while the M series has active coolness. Rest other differences are the dimensions and processor.

ZBOX M- Mini Pcs

It has several holes on it for ventilation, and with the use of VESA mounts, you can easily mount it on walls. Taking about its dimensions, it is 1.12 inches (28.5mm) in thickness, and it is one of the thinnest PCs with an Intel Core processor. The M series is powered by an Intel Core processor, 64 gigs of DDR4 RAM, and two M.2 SSD slots for more optimized storage.

For checking out these products, you will have to wait for the CES 2020. Apart from all of these new and refreshed lineups, ZOTAC will also unveil the VR GO 3.0 backpack PC. The VR GO 3.0 PC will be running the Intel Core i7 processor paired up with RTX 2070 GPU. Unlike its predecessor, the VR GO 2.0, the 3.0 will have SPECTRA 2.0 RGB.

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