Xiaomi and Huawei are expected to release Indian Smartphones with NavIC GPS technology!


If you have read our previous article, you know that the upcoming lineup of processors by Qualcomm Inc. will have support for India’s NavIC GPS technology. NavIC is India’s very own GPS technology! According to ISRO, this new tech can give exact location information to people residing in India, and it has a massive range of 1,500kms within the Indian borders. This was possible only because of the united efforts of Qualcomm and The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

One of the Satellites of the India's NavIC system
One of the Satellites of the India’s NavIC system (Image: TheNextWeb)

Formally approved by International Standards Organization 3GPP, NavIC is a GPS technology by India that is dependant on seven satellites, and each of these satellites covers the Indian landmass extended to lengths of almost 1,500kms, and it can portray data with an accuracy of about 10 meters. NavIC will also give Restricted Services and Standard Positioning Service for authorized users.

NavIC system
NavIC System

Recently in an interview, Mr. K. Sivan, who is the chairman of ISRO, Secretary, and Department of Space said that “NavIC is a critical step forward in our pursuit of harnessing space technology for national development and we are eager to make it accessible to everyone for their day to day use.”

He also added, “Qualcomm’s technology leadership and support for NavIC on their mobile platforms will bring the benefits of this indigenous solution to every Indian. ISRO appreciates Qualcomm for enabling the technology demonstration of NavIC support on a mobile platform for the very first time.”

Xiaomi’s Take on NavIC-enabled chips

Xiaomi's Take on NavIC-enabled chips

Talking about its practical use in smartphones, Xiaomi Inc. is expected to be among the first-ever tech companies to introduce NavIC functionality in their smartphones. A spokesperson from ISRO has recently given this critical information that Xiaomi is in talks with Qualcomm and wants to strike a deal regarding the upcoming NavIC processors which the company is going to launch.

The ISRO spokesperson said, “Qualcomm has just announced that its upcoming chipset will support NavIC. Xiaomi is believed to be in talks with the American supplier to acquire the chipset for its next smartphones headed to India”.

If Xiaomi manages to strike this deal, then we think that it will benefit the company highly as this Global Positioning System is still new, and it has huge potential in the long run. NavIC provides an advantage in fields like disaster, fleet, and vehicle management.

Huawei’s Take on NavIC-enabled chips

Huawei's Take on NavIC-enabled chips

Huawei is not too far off in this list as the Chinese multinational technology company is also rumored to be sporting a phone with these NavIC-enabled chipsets. It is quite self-explanatory as India is a huge market for Huawei, and they surely want to increase their growth after the trade ban by the US on the company.

Speaking of trade ban, it is resulted in Google cutting off its ties with Huawei and prohibiting the company from using Google Play Services on its smartphones. Surely, it won’t affect the Chinese market or any other place where Google Play services are not important, but if we are talking about the Indian or US market, then it is a huge problem!

According to a survey of India in 2019, almost 91% of smartphone users were reported to be Android users. All of these people are trapped in the Google ecosystem, and if they want to use an upcoming Huawei phone, then he must get ready to leave Google Play Services, which is no easy feat.

For tackling this problem, Huawei is rigorously working on improving its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). Well, it looks like the future will not be kind to the Chinese multinational technology company, but we will not get surprised if they make the HMS, a proper substitute for Google Play Services!

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