Xbox series X by Microsoft – Everything you should know!


Xbox series X by Microsoft-  Everything you should know

Xbox, probably the first word which comes into your mind when someone says ‘Gaming Console.’ Released in 2001 by Microsoft, the Xbox has been a major name in the gaming market. At the Game Awards event, Microsoft revealed the design and name of their upcoming gaming console.

The company is calling it Xbox series X, and the box in this name does not do justice to the appearance of the console. Going by the design, the series X will look like a PC and not a gaming console. You can use it both vertically and horizontally.

For showing the audience a demo of the X series, Microsoft played HellBlade 2, which is the latest addition to the Ninja Theory.

Talking about the specs, The Series X will have AMD’s Zen 2 processor based on Radeon RDNA process and about the GPU, there is no specific word by the company but Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox Chief said that the GPU on X series will be 2 times faster than the GPU on an average Xbox One.

Apart from these configurations, the Series X will also have NVMe SSD solid-state storage for faster game speed and reducing loading times. The upcoming console by Microsoft is not short on features too. It is normal to have a number of staggering features with such strong configurations and talking about features. The Series X will be supporting frame rates up to 120, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, GDDR6 and also 8K gaming.

According to Xbox Chief, the new lineup by Microsoft will be top-notch in responsiveness as they feature both ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and DLI (Dynamic Latency Input).

Talking about the controller, Microsoft also introduced a new Xbox controller at the Game Awards alongside the Xbox series X. The controller will be featuring a new share button for sharing screenshots and short videos with other players without any hassle. This controller will be the one to ship with all the Xbox series X.

Xbox series X – Build and Design

With the launch of the X lineup, one thing is clear that the power of a console is not dependant on its size. Irrespective of the size, the new series X is more than capable of performing any kind of console related activity.

In looks, the latest offering by Microsoft does look like a Gaming PC at first glance. Only judging by looks, one can say that this console means something. With a beautiful but big brindled frame at the top, it might not be as horizontally friendly than its predecessors. Still, this design quality helps the X series to control its thermal temperature more efficiently.

There’s no need to worry about the size which the latest lineup by Microsoft will hold as the configurations on this thing makes one thing clear, that there will be no waste space left on the Xbox series X. Moreover, if we go through the Gaming PC standards for size, than the Xbox series X by Microsoft is a step in the right direction.

With the Graphical performance of 12 teraflops which is double the performance on the existing Xbox One (6 Teraflops) and the processor on this thing will be a Customized AMD Zen-2 processor that will be based on Radeon’s RDNA architecture, the experience of playing games on this thing will be a memorable feat.

As Microsoft has unveiled its latest iteration of gaming console, the pressure is now on SONY. The design and build of the X series are appreciated by many, but now with the launch of Playstation 5 in the market, which is the biggest rival for Xbox series X, it will be a joy to see what does SONY has in store for us.

As with the successful launch of the PS4, the company has built a very powerful ecosystem which will prevent the existing PS4 players to switch to Xbox. The reason behind this is that the players are now comfortable with the first-party software by the company and also all of the digital libraries they have created with the Playstation.

For countering this problem, Xbox has worked on a feature that they call “Xbox Everywhere.” By the use of this feature, every subscriber gets a wide range of games to choose from, and they can play it on any screen they wish. It looks like the upcoming war between these gaming consoles will be a thing to watch this coming year.

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