Windows 10 May 2020 Update – Everything you need to know


Windows 10 May 2020 Update - Everything you need to know

Microsoft has rolled out the May 2020 update for Windows 10 with some new changes and features improvements. So, without wasting any more time, let’s head straight to the features of this new update. First, we have is –

The New Cortana App

In this update, we get the freshly updated Cortana app, mainly focused on productivity and facilities like smart home control, music, and some more third-party features. In terms of looks, the new Cortana UI looks neat. It nows allows you to type out your queries in the ‘Ask Cortana’ box, which is something useful for people having a desktop. You can also use your voice if you want.

Not only that but, your chat with Cortana will be displayed via text bubbles in a scrolling list, just like a text chat between you and a friend. Also, the ability to use skills and connected home commands are no longer present in the Cortana Notebook.

Updated Notepad

Notepad is one of the oldest software installed in Windows, which doesn’t require any specific permissions to use. However, the May update brings some decent improvements for the Notepad users. For instance, the Find Feature is now able to find wrap-around text in a document. But if you select a paragraph before opening the Find dialogue box, it will colonize the search box with selected lines undoubtedly.

Image credit: Neowin

Some other improvements include an indicator placed at the title bar of Notepad in case you made any unsaved changes to a document, a new default encoding option UTF-8 without a Byte Order Mark, ability to zoom in on the text, etc. We also get to see some new shortcut keys for opening a new window (Ctrl+Shift+N), saving a window (Ctrl+Shift+ S), and closing a window (Ctrl+W).

Updated Virtual Desktops and Windows Sandbox

The new update now allows you to rename your virtual desktops rather than system-issued names like System 1. Not only that but, now you can also save your virtual desktops before performing a reboot.

As for the Windows Sandbox, it is now possible to use configuration files with the Windows Sandbox. It will allow users to modify specific settings such as allowing network access, enabling or disabling the vGPU, and much more. Other than that, it now supports microphones.

Task Manager

The Task Manager now comes with some notable changes related to the power, thanks to the May update. Now you will be able to check the temperature of your GPU in the performance tab while clicking on your GPU. But this feature is only limited to dedicated GPUs that support WWDM 2.4 or higher, so make sure you check that.

Image credit: Windows Central

Also, now you can see the disk types you are using in your pc. There will be an “SSD” or “HDD” indicator below your disk to tell you about the storage type you are using. This feature will benefit those who probably don’t know what is inside their PC.

Swift Pair

Those who don’t know what Swift Pair is, it is a new feature in Windows 10 that allows you to connect Bluetooth devices to your PC. However, the process of pairing the device was a little bit complicated. For example, after clicking connect on the popup, you will be sent to the settings app, and then you have to click Okay one more time to ensure that the pairing was successful.

But thanks to the May update, the process is now simple and shorter. All you have to do is click on the ‘OK’ button on the popup, and wait for the pairing to complete. However, the only problem is that the Swift Pair only supports a minimal set of Bluetooth devices.


There has been made tons of improvement in the accessibility department like Narrator News, fast cursor movement, more eye control, language learnings, etc. Let’s talk about the accessibility updates in brief one by one.

  • Narrator News – The Narrator sounds have been restored and are now much more functional and active. Also, it will automatically start reading webpages and emails if they are opened in Windows Outlook and mail app.
  • Fast Cursor Movement – The Windows Magnifier can now keep the text cursor in the middle of the screen.
  • More Eye Control – Drag and drop is now available with some improvements related to the pause experience and some new options in settings.
  • Language Learnings – Thanks to the Global Language Experience team, you will find improved typing experiences in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

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