Now VR headsets are being used in the dairy farm industry for better production


cow vr headsets

The global trend towards universal computerization simplifies work in many areas by achieving groundbreaking results — same with the virtual reality (VR), which now is not limited to gaming only. VR is shaking things up across all industries that people never thought it would, including dairy farming. Moscow Region farmers tested a prototype of VR headsets to improve cow conditions and their milk production.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Moscow’s press release, the VR studio developers have adapted a VR headset in collaboration with veterinarians and consultants of production. The prototype is developed by taking into account the structural features of the cow’s head and various studies of cattle’s vision, which shows are better at perceiving shades of red, weaker green, and blue tones. In addition, developers also developed a summer field simulation program.

The experiment worked somehow on a basic level. In the first test, experts recorded reduced anxiety and increased overall mood of the herd of cows. However, the impact on milk production volume and quality is uncertain as it will require a more comprehensive study to know that.

With all this, still, a question arises, are there any side-effects? But, according to researchers, cows in a dairy farm that are in a calm atmosphere produces better quality and quantity of milk.

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