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Steam Labs

Valve has introduced a new section and feature for Steam that develops a layer of machine learning powered interactivity into the store’s suggestion system. It’s called Steam Labs. For now, Steam Labs has 3 active experiments: micro trailers, an interactive recommender, and an automated, everyday half-hour reveal about games.

Steam Labs
Micro Trailers

Micro trailers are simple: Steam provides you with choices of six-second trailers arranged by genre, curator selections, or other categories. If you’re captivated by what you see of a specific game you can click on it to visit its store page.

Steam Labs Micro Trailers
Automatic Show

The automated show is put together from likewise quick clips of video games, however with several micro trailers for each video game put together in a quad display set to music. I attempted enjoying the very first episode; however, I got bored after a couple of minutes.

Steam Labs Automatic Show
Interactive Recommender feature

The main thing about this lab the Interactive Recommender. The Interactive Recommender takes a peek at Steam users’ play history and utilizes machine learning to curate a list of advised titles in which they’re most likely to be interested. While that’s relative in theory to Valve’s previous suggestion algorithms, the Interactive Recommender, as the name would recommend, lets Steam users fine-tune the criteria of the results on the fly and see their game recommendations change live.

Steam Labs Interactive Recommender

The new feature itself takes a look at previous play history and patterns to produce a list of suggestions immediately; however, Steam users have the alternative to use filters based upon tags, show old or just new releases and weigh suggested titles according to how popular or specific niche Steam considers them.

Valve likewise keeps in mind that, the machine learning-driven tool does not need any optimization for developers considering that whatever is driven by gamer behavior, instead of by manual tags.

Valve explains it as “a neural network notified by the Steam Community of gamers” and states that, while other recommendation approaches make informed guesses to recommend games comparable to what a gamer has currently played, the device learning-driven Interactive Recommender takes a various technique.

Steam team in their blog wrote:

No need for developer optimization

No need for developer optimizationSometimes, computer-driven discovery makes creators focus on optimizing for “The Algorithm” rather than customers. You might ask, how is this any different? We designed the recommender to be driven by what players do, not by extrinsic elements like tags or reviews. The best way for a developer to optimize for this model is to make a game that people enjoy playing. While it’s important to supply users with useful information about your game on its store page, you shouldn’t agonize about whether tags or other metadata will affect how a recommendations model sees your game.

The new feature is currently up in Valve’s new speculative area, offering developers and gamers alike an opportunity to see the tool’s recommendations in action. The feature is among a handful of experimental tools reported as part of Valve’s Steam Labs effort.

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