Microsoft reveals the new and colorful logo of the Edge browser

Microsoft reveals the new and colorful logo of the Edge browser

Over the past number of days, Microsoft has actually been offering Edge fans with a series of hints concerning the Chromium-based Edge browser. The tips, which were rapidly figured out by fans working together on a Discord server, completed today with a minigame that can be discovered within the web browser when specific conditions, shown by all the previous tips, have actually been satisfied.

The tips were shared of various media channels for the Edge group, consisting of the Tech Community online forums, and the web browser’s devoted subreddit. The last tip, dropped today, is a video published on Twitter, which, integrated with the previous tips, informs users to develop an Edge collection with products that spell the word “browse.” The minigame connected above can be played when that’s done.

Upon finishing the minigame, users can see the message above, which displays the new icon for the Edge browser. The new style falls carefully in line with other icons Microsoft has actually put out just recently, particularly for much of its Office apps. It gets rid of the E-shaped logo design that’s been a staple of Microsoft internet browsers because of Internet Explorer and looks more like a wave, an apparent nod to the act of surfing the web.

We will see this new logo in the Insider build soon.


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