The Game Awards 2019 – Top 10 Announcements of this year!


The Game Awards 2019

The Game Awards, a ceremony hosted every year to honor the accomplishments done in the video game industry by the people and also award those who have done exceptional in this field. Recently on December 12, this ceremony recently completed its 6th year and was hosted at the Microsoft Theatre, Los Angeles, California.

Apart from the award function, this platform has always been a place where companies have announced their next move, which will affect the future of the whole community in a good way. The year 2019 was also not an exception, ranging from the unveiling of a new Xbox to a new Fast and Furious Crossroads Game!

This year, the announcements are little too much to handle. So here we have with us, top 10 most intriguing and important gaming announcements made in the Game Awards 2019.

Unveiling the new Xbox – X series by Microsoft!

Microsoft has beaten SONY in the game of who’s going to release their next gaming console first! At the Game Awards 2019, the company announced the name and design of its latest iteration of Xbox. Being one of the most iconic consoles of all time, this next-gen gaming console had a lot of hopes from its family, and by the first look and teaser of the Xbox-X, we can say that Microsoft has done a great job with its latest offering.

According to the Xbox Chief Phil Spencer, this X series will be two times faster in performance if compared to the existing Xbox One console! If you wish to know more about the latest offering by Microsoft, you can check our article.

Riot is partnering with Indie Studios.

Riot is all set on collaborating with the Indie studios to enhance the gaming experience of their newly launched Riot Forge franchise. These games are coming for consoles and as well as PCs. The Riot Forge franchise includes games like Convergence by Double Stallion Games, Ruined King: A League of Legends by Airship Syndicate, and hopefully many more to come.

Godfall is the first game for the Playstation 5.

SONY was not that behind Microsoft regarding its respective console, and it announced the first game for the upcoming Playstation 5. The game is developed by CounterPlay games and is named ‘Godfall.’ The game is based on a fantasy third-person looter-slasher and is mainly focused on melee battle. Godfall is speculated to release in the holidays of the year 2020.

Sequel to the Bravely Default.

If you have a Nintendo Switch and you are into a Final Fantasy type Role-playing games, then you should be screaming right now! Nintendo has announced that its Bravely Default game is getting a sequel. The sequel is called ‘Bravely Default 2’ and will be available on your Nintendo Switch next year.

Hellblade is Getting a Sequel.

Alongside the launch of the Xbox series X, Microsoft also launched the first game for its latest console. For the Xbox X lineup, Ninja Theory’s Hellblade game is getting a sequel! Judging by the short trailer which Microsoft had stored for us, the sequel to this game will be just as goth and intriguing as its first part.

The remake of Final Fantasy VII.

The Final Fantasy has been long awaiting a remake, and Square Enix knows it. At the Game Awards 2019, the company has revealed a trailer for the remake of Final Fantasy VII. Going by trailer, it looks like the upcoming remake of the RPG is mainly focused on Cloud Strife. The game will be available on the Playstation 4 by March 3, 2020.

New update on Ghosts of Tsushima.

Ghosts of Tsushima, one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusive games ever, got a very elegant trailer by its developer Sucker Punch at the Game Awards 2019. An adventure game based on the inside world of Japan, which includes Sword and Stealth combat, was announced way back in the year 2017. According to the developer, the game will get launched in the summer of the year 2020.

Wolf Among Us gets a Sequel.

After the saddening shutdown of the Telltale games next year, the company is making a comeback with the launch of Wolf Among Us 2! The company is now developing this game with the help of another company Adhoc. The fun fact is that Adhoc constitutes of the previous developers of Telltale games. It will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, but after some time, it will be available among console and PCs.

Important announcement regarding the upcoming Cyberpunk

At the Game Awards 2019, Developer Projekt Red has revealed the list of musicians who will be a part of the soundtrack of their upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. The list of musicians has been filled with the likes of Run the Jewels, Refused Grimes, A$AP Rocky, and many more.

Crossroads- Fast and Furious inspired game

The game was announced by Vin diesel and Micheal Rodriguez at the Game Awards. Don’t be mistaken by the name. This game is not just about cars and racing! It will most probably be focused on team-loot missions, which include a huge amount of Heist! The game will be available on Xbox, PC, and Playstation, and it will get launched in May 2020.

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