Scientists innovate solid state battery which does not catch fire when Heated!


solid state battery

In Deakin’s University Australia, a team of scientists has developed a solid state battery that is not inflammable even in the heat. It’s not over yet, as the battery is built by using conventional industrial polymers it results in doubling the density of the battery!

This innovation was very much necessary in the smartphone market as the battery which we use in our smartphones is inflammable and can catch fire. Well, the probability of it going to blast while you’re using it is very low, but it is prone to fire. In every smartphone battery, Lithium is present, which is a highly reactive element.

Lithium, which serves as the medium for electron-flow in the battery, can go off even in contact with air. The element used by the manufactures is not that reactive, but still, there’s a risk of it being exploded on your desk and in your pocket.

As all of you are familiar with Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s case, in which the company had to discontinue the supply and manufacturing of the phone for the good of the people. Now, with the implications for solid-state electrolytes in batteries, this type of accident can be just a thing of the past! 

The Solid state battery developed by the researchers has many advantages over its previous versions, which haven’t been much changed since the very beginning. At first, you are free from the tension of your phone being exploded if put under extreme heat or unfavorable conditions.

Secondly, It increases the potential or capacity of the battery by a noticeable degree without changing the overall shape of the structure. Not only that, the battery with solid-state electrolytes will have more charge density.

The solid-state electrolyte in these batteries also works with Lithium Anode, which was the only thing causing an energy-density bottleneck. The idle battery drain on a solid state battery will also be much-lesser than the drainage on a regular battery running on Lithium Cobalt Oxide.

According to the researchers at the Deakin’s University Australia, they have tested their solid state battery in button cells and would soon be trying them into those pouch-shaped batteries which are used in smartphones. The view of these aspiring scientists is not only limited to the smartphone market, but they also want to make it safe for the vehicles running on electricity or airplanes.

After they are satisfied with there invention and want it to be used by the common people, they will contact any investors to fund their invention as manufacture even bigger-batteries that can be used in electronically-powered vehicles and also airplanes.

The research team also said that the process of building the battery with solid-state electrolytes is not that complex, which means that this life-saving invention can be readily available for commercial purposes to every section of the world.

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