OnePlus 8 is speculated to having a 2k OLED display with 120Hz Refresh Rate!


After the unveiling of OnePlus Concept One by the company, everyone has their eyes set on the upcoming flagship lineup by OnePlus. This year the company will launch OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro!

At the OnePlus screen technology conference 2020, the company announced its upcoming flagship series called OnePlus 8. Not only that, but the conference also unveiled some interesting aspects of the phone. The standard OnePlus 8 is supposed to be featuring a 2k OLED display with 120Hz of refresh rate and a whopping 240Hz of screen sampling rate!

Yes, you heard it right! OnePlus, which was a brand criticized for its displays lately, has swooped in like it should and introduced us to better and high-quality displays with an impressive amount of refresh rate.

The display used in the upcoming 8 series has been innovated deeply by OnePlus. They have introduced smart and optimum features like-

  • 120Hz of refresh rate and 240Hz of Sampling rate
  • Auto-Brightness sensor has adjustments up to 2096 levels
  • 10 bit of Color Display Effect
  • MEMC Independent Chip
  • Smooth Chain Optimization
  • JNCD <0.8

All of these optimizations on the display looks good on the paper, but talking about the ground reality, it will be a major thing to see how OnePlus holds the battery power of their devices while running these high-definition 2K OLED displays with 120HZ refresh rate.

With this amount of hard work and innovation implemented towards the display only. It makes you wonder about the all-around optimizations done on the phone by OnePlus. It looks like, with the launch of the OnePlus 8 series, the display criticism phase will end for the company.


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