Neon Project by Samsung Explained – Artificial Human Beings?


Neon Project by Samsung Explained
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Well, we have recently talked about the ‘Neon’ project by Samsung that is based on the creation of Humanoids with the help of Artificial Intelligence. In simple words, with this technology one can create an A.I. avatar of their choosing and it was explained briefly at the Consumer Electronics Show hosted in Las Vegas.

However, is not the property of Samsung instead it is in possession of a secret company i.e. powered by Samsung technology and Advanced Research Labs (Star Labs). The primary function of this company is to provide Video Chatbots that look like exact humans or are digital humans to be precise.

You can converse with these A.I. creations just like any other human being. The company also said that these chatbots are built to understand and learn from you. Unlike digital assistants, you can not ask them any question and expect an answer as they are programmed to learn from the conversations you have with them.

The Reality, Realtime and Responsive –

The above heading mentions the 3Rs of Neon. Before the CES, the CEO posted a tweet talking about the Core R3 which is the name of their Neon character. It also said, “CORE R3 can computationally create a lifelike reality that is beyond normal perception to distinguish.”

The Core R3 is inspired by the rhythmic complexities of our environment and the behavioral traits which a human possesses. As it is based on these things, the Neon avatars take a few milliseconds in order to answer a question. This amount of latency makes these digital humans capable of having real-time conversations.

At the event, one of the Neon employees interacting with a neon avatar which was a woman in an all-black outfit, with blond hair tied in a bun. People were thinking that this was a video shot in real-time and was played just in front of them. The CEO assured that it was not an illusion and this is what Neons will look like.

These digital avatars will have the capability to create memories of conversations you have with them and react accordingly to the situation. Once they are well-versed with their surroundings, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

These digital humans are not connected with the internet and are independent in nature. As we have said earlier, Mr. Pranav Mistry is the CEO of the Neon project and after the low-key exhibition of the project, he talked about this technology with ease.

Mr. Pranav Mistry on Stage at CES 2020 for NEON
Mr. Pranav Mistry on Stage at CES 2020 (image: The Verge)

Pranav Mistry has quite a few accolades attached to himself. Firstly, he was the VP of research at Samsung Inc. and was one of the main reasons behind the innovation of the original Samsung Galaxy Gear. “It was completely my baby, from design to technology,” these were the words by Mr. Mistry when he was asked about the Galaxy Gear. Secondly, he was also employed in Microsoft working on Xbox hardware.

Neon is basically a human avatar created digitally with the help of Artificial Intelligence

He said that Neon is basically a human avatar created digitally with the help of Artificial Intelligence and for creating a Neon, you need to have a bit of footage of that person. After you have gained the footage you just have to put in a machine-learning model for the output to progress.

Drawbacks and Security Risks –

Currently, Neon has a big limitation and that is the enormous hunger for power. To give you guys an idea, the sample shown at the CES 2020 was running at mighty-128 Core CPU! Yes, you read it right. Well, the CEO said that once it gets shifted to the cloud it won’t be a big problem and it will also fix the time-latency.

When asked about the controversies and downsides when Neon is misused like Non-consensual pornography and spreading fake news. Mistry said “Of course, comparing Neon to how nuclear technology generates electricity while also being used for weapons of mass destruction. “Every technology has pros and cons — it’s up to us as humans how we look at it.”

In their defense, the company also said that “CORE R3 does not manipulate an individual scene, videos or sequences. Instead, it creates unique behaviors and interactions of Neons in real-time that never happened before. Thus, it creates new realities.” In the interview, the CEO tried his best to remind everyone that Privacy is everything for Neon!

Data stored in the making of a Core R3 digital human is secured with the help of “state-of-the-art security protocols.”. For making sure the technology stays in the right hands, Neon will limit the reach of this tech to specific areas only and it is expected to impose some kinds of restriction while using the technology.

Conclusion –

In the end, we can say that this technology has huge potential and scope in the near future. Every major company was going ga-ga over this tech because if everything goes right you can see these digital humans as your assistants while using any of your smart devices.

The application of Neon as an assistant will take Artificial Intelligence to a whole new level. The application of this tech was very beautifully put up by the CEO in his following words “AI “has many years of development to go before science fiction becomes reality.” For future updates about it, you can follow

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