Mixed Reality technology: The future of VR and AR


Mixed Reality

The world is fascinated by the exciting future technologies, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) being the most popular ones. You engage in some hi-tech gadgets, and after that, you are in a different world entirely. It is not just limited to entertainment; however, there is likewise far more to offer now. And, to include topping to the AR-VR cake, comes a terrific merger of the two– Mixed Reality technology (MR), likewise called Hybrid Reality or Extended Reality. It is an intersection between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and combines the best of both virtual worlds. MR will set to transform the world by using some device that makes the physical world interact with the digital in such a smooth way that all of it seems real. Naturally, it has its own set of obstacles; however, then, what is a niche technology with no challenge? Before we dive much deeper into the usage cases of Mixed Reality, let us understand the three various innovations in detail and their differences.

Virtual Reality

According to Google search VR is the computer-generated simulation of a 3-dimensional environment or image to interact within a real or physical world by using special electronic equipment. VR generally needs a head-mounted display screen (HMD) that you use to put the screen in front of your eyes. Other systems need sensing units and headsets to simulate noise and motion to ensure full immersion.

You are put into whatever the gadget is expected to reveal when you communicate with a VR gadget. As you move your head and in some cases your body around, the image, you see changes in such a way that it tricks your brain to believe that you are in a specific location where actually in the real world you aren’t that place. VR can fool you into believing. The basic form of Virtual Reality is a 3-D image. To experience such thing one can visit any nearest Fulldome 3D Digital Theatre. People who are living in Kolkata, India can visit Science City Kolkata for Fulldome 3D experience. VR is also used in areas of training and education and plays a significant role in gaming scenarios.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

In layman’s term, Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes digital information or image or object on the real world environment of the user’s view, resulting in a composite view. This indicates that computer-generated sensory input and output, such as visual aspects, GPS information, audio, and more are augmented or glued with the physical environment to boost the experience. It means when you will look through the augmented device, you will see that our real-world overlaid with information with which we can interact.

AR  technology is present in TV reality programs and movies; however, in recent years, it gains more popularity for Google glass, games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite.

AR applications for smart devices usually consist of a global positioning system (GPS) to identify the user’s location and its compass to find device orientation. Sophisticated AR programs used by the military for training might consist of machine vision, object recognition, and gesture recognition technologies.

Check how Augmented Reality (AR) games bring 3ds experience to a whole new level.

Mixed Reality

MR, likewise referred to as Hybrid Reality, merges Virtual Reality with Augmented Reality. Using this sort of environment, users can quickly interact through the virtual and real world concurrently. Unlike VR, which puts us in the environment and anchors whatever to the user’s real-world space, MR makes interactions more genuinely real by simulating natural behavior and perspective change as we interact with objects or elements.

MR scans our physical environment and after that maps a 3D representation of your surroundings. This suggests that your device knows where and how computer created components are put in the area. This significantly varies from VR as it’s not immersing the user into a various world but into an enhanced and much easier to interact environment.

Alon Melchner, the CEO of Mixed Place, an Israeli startup that develops mixed reality technologies said “Within a few years mixed reality will become the dominant reality of our lives, and billions of people will experience it daily as a new routine,”

Future Cases of Mixed Reality

Training Engineers in the Aircraft Industry

Mixed Reality can be utilized in the aircraft industry for training engineers associated with repairing engines. While going through training, they no longer need to draw out the engine of the airplane. The engineers use unique headsets through which they can see the holographic picture of the engine and with numerous images and voice functions, can comprehend the engine in-depth.

Assisting Workers in the Construction Industry

MR can assist senior managers in the construction industry to communicate to workers about what part of the equipment is not working or what work is yet to be finished virtually. Workers, through their MR gadget, can come and see technical diagrams up with a solution to the same.

Learning in an Enhanced Way

Mixed reality technology can be used by educators to present students to interactive and immersive experiences which are not possible in a traditional classroom. As mixed reality technology and content offerings expand, more and more students will have the opportunity to learn with mixed reality.

Examination in the Manufacturing Industry

With the assistance of Mixed Reality gadgets, examination officers can take a look at the real-time info for different parts and can get a real insight into those parts.

Examining Designs beforehand

Before constructing the styles, designers can, through this technology, mix with the new products. They can take a look at the digital prototype and comprehend the danger locations that might produce an issue along with recognizing the missing out on links. It might assist in accelerating the whole procedure of designing and developing.

Inter Team Communication

Geographically spread out groups can utilize this innovation by participating in simulated video conferences where they can see a significant 3D variation of the product being made, in addition to features associated with language translation and so on.

 Assisting Medical Industry

In the future, medical professionals can utilize MR for different activities that permit MR imaging instead of real things. It might be academic or surgical.

Helping the supply chain in Shipping & Logistics Industry

Through the mobile phone or smart glasses, the whole information of the shipping can be obtained, queries can be resolved, and responses can be shown.

Holographic Wearables

Users can map the images to physical items through the sensing units in the wearables that map the real world and comprise a holographic screen.

And many more

In future what the Mixed Reality has to offer

Below are some highlights:

  • Holographic projections and an interactive virtual display will increase focus
  • Big data and cloud computing will play an active role in sophisticated MR technologies.
  • Mixed Reality will alter the interaction in between human and computer system and take it to a whole new level completely
  • Mixed Reality will turn into one of the popular global industry in the coming 5-7 years
  • Tech giants, like Microsoft (Windows Mixed Reality– WMR, Edge internet browser) and Mozilla (Firefox Reality web browser), will bring new advanced MR devices and gadgets that will intensify the popularity of MR.

On a closing note

MR is not simply a buzz. It has been showing its guts by drawing out the very best of both — Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Invention and imagination have no borders, which is what MR technology has shown. It’s a starting to a technology-dominated future. What to anticipate in the coming years is unimaginable. Undoubtedly, a fascinating innovation area to keep enjoying.

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