Microsoft’s new Onedrive Personal Vault and 2FA to cloud security

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With the growing presence and elegance of online threats, it’s significantly essential to have the right defense and tools to help secure your device, individual information, and files from being jeopardized. Microsoft announced OneDrive Personal Vault– a new layer of security for your OneDrive account to additionally secure your most crucial and delicate data.

Personal Vault requires a strong method of authentication to access it, such as a PIN, fingerprint, face scan, two-factor authentication, or code sent via SMS or email. According to Microsoft, the files which will be locked in Personal Vault (PV) have an extra layer of security to keep them more secured. All the documents, videos and photos in Personal Vault will readily available on Onedrive on PC or capable gadgets.

Ondrive personal vault 1
Image by Microsoft

The company recommends this might show beneficial if you have digital copies of your ID, travel, insurance, vehicle, or house documents. Scan the crucial files straight to your Personal Vault through the OneDrive app, bypassing maybe less-secure parts of your phone, like the cam roll. You can capture photos and videos with the app too, and send them directly to the Personal Vault.

OneDrive Personal Vault 2
Image by Microsoft

Microsoft will sync your Vault to a BitLocker-encrypted portion of your hard-drive if you have a Windows 10 PC. After a period of inactivity (3 minutes on mobile and 20 on the web or difficult regional drive by default), OneDrive will lock up the Personal Vault, and the data stay sand-boxed and inaccessible. If you access OneDrive remotely through a browser on another PC, the internet browser won’t save your Personal Vault files in its cache.

OneDrive Personal Vault PC
Image by Microsoft

With Office 365 plans, there’s no limitation to how many files you can keep in your Personal Vault, up to your overall storage limit. If you utilize the free OneDrive service or the base strategy, there’s a limitation on the number of files you can add there. Personal Vault will start rolling out soon to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada and will be available all over by year-end.

As for the pricing plan, OneDrive now provides 100GB of storage for $1.99 monthly, up from 50GB. If you currently utilize 50GB of storage, congratulations, the business is going to offer you another 50GB for no extra cost. OneDrive users with Office 365 subscriptions now have the alternative to obtain more than 1TB of storage. 200GB of additional storage can be added for $1.99 per month, up to a second TB at $9.99 each month.

For more details reach Onedrive Personal Vault.