Microsoft’s Cortana can read your emails in Outlook for iOS

Cortana can read your emails in Outlook

Recently at Ignite 2019 in Orlando, Microsoft has announced that the Cortana is going to integrate with Outlook and will offer new features to help people in their workflow. One such feature is that it will able to read your emails in Outlook. The concept behind this is to collect appointments, commitments which you will be doing that day and put them into an email.

The reading of emails in Outlook feature is known as Play My Emails, which will also read out the changes in schedule to be aware of. The feature comes handy when you are leaving for office and don’t have any time to check the emails or unable to pull out your phone or laptop on a busy train. The feature started to launch on Outlook for iOS to customers in the US, and later for other countries, and Android it will be coming in 2020.

Integrating Cortana with Outlook is done by managing calendar and commitments automatically. In the Outlook, Cortana will pop up with a “daily brief” to give a full brief that you are supposed to do that day. It could be meetings or events scheduled in your calendar and any contextual insights in an email it thinks, which you should know. Even you can send emails for meetings, including Cortana, for the Scheduler to take over.

Moreover, it can automatically book meetings when individuals are readily available, presuming that you have access to their calendars, and receivers can respond by accepting.

Microsoft also briefed Cortana’s new natural conversational features, integrating with Microsoft Teams and more that will be available in the coming months. The company also notified new Cortana experience on Windows 10 20H1 version update launching next year.