Linux Mint 19.2 is here with Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce


Linux Mint 19.2 with Cinnamon desktop uses much less system RAM.

linux mint 19.2

Linux Mint is an Operating System (OS) based upon the hugely popular Ubuntu. It includes some fascinating tweaks that numerous users value, making it a popular option in the Linux community for both professionals and newbies. It is steady, simple to use, and has a properly designed Update Manager that puts other distros to shame.

The team behind Linux Mint has launched beta ISOs for Linux Mint 19.2, and it comes in 3 various flavors, Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce. Each comes with a unique desktop environment as a default.

Linux Mint 19.2 codenamed ‘Tina,’ users will get an improved and new Update Manager which intends to assist users in managing their systems. It’ll let users understand if the system requires a restart after a kernel update. It’ll also give warning 90 days before your version of Linux Mint reaches end-of-life. It will offer you time to update to a new edition conveniently.

What’s new in Linux Mint 19.2 Beta

Pinning items

The Cinnamon file manager, Nemo, now enables pinning folders and files to the top of the file list. This a practical method to access your crucial data quicker.

linux mint 19.2 pining items
Conditional Actions

You see the actions you can carry out on it when you right-click a file. Previously these actions might be generic. Beginning with Nemo 4.2, actions can execute their external conditions. Now actions can utilize scripts or external commands to target particular files under particular conditions.

Generic actions work as follows. When you right-click a photo, you can select the “Set as Wallpaper” action. This action targets all image files. No matter what file you choose, if it’s an image file, you’ll see this action.

Conditional actions: If you right-click on a .mkv which is larger than 4GB, the context menu shows a “Split it” command which does not appear for smaller sized files. If you pick a video in which audio encoded as DTS, then the right-click context menu might show “Convert DTS audio to AC3”.

With Nemo 4.2, actions can predict whether they’re required or not. It allows developers to make the right-click menu in the file manager among the handiest tools in Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Menu

Cinnamon is much faster and snappier than in the past as utilizes less RAM. Next, to the performance enhancements, the application menu now determines and differentiates duplicates. The menu reveals more details about them if two applications have the same name.

By default, the application menu shows the Xed app merely as “Text Editor.” If you set up Gedit, you no longer wind up with 2 “Text Editor” entries. Instead, you’ll see “Text Editor (Xed)” and “Text Editor (Gedit).”

linux mint 19.2 cinnamon menu duplicates-1

It happens the same with the Flatpak app. The menu distinguishes between the repository and Flatpak to let you know which one is from where if you set up a Flatpak app package which you already installed through the package manager.

Scrollbar Settings

You can disable the overlay scrollbar feature which disappears on mouse leave.

linux mint 19.2 cinnamon scrollbars

Pix, in addition to the text editor, the document reader, the video player, and the image viewer were reviewed. Moreover, it added support assistance to make sure users could utilize the standard Ctrl+Q and Ctrl+W keyboard faster ways.

Booting Benefits

Moreover, if you face boot configuration issues– possibly you’re running Mint along with Windows in a dual-boot setup– a new Boot Repair feature can repair the most regular issues came across, which is quite cool.

You can check the release notes down below if you desire to see the complete list of what’s different with Linux Mint 19.2.

As ever, remember this is still in beta, so there will likely be some issues.

You can get Linux Mint 19.2 from the following links each of which indicates the versions:

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