Huawei to launch its substitute for Google Play services!


Huawei to launch its substitute for Google Play services!

This year, you have witnessed the BAN imposed on Huawei by the United States of America, and the effect of it is the company cannot use any hardware or software of an American company in its newer smartphones. This means the loss for Google Play Services for Huawei, and it is one of the major losses which the company has to face because of this BAN.

Huawei to launch its substitute for Google Play services- Huawei Mobile Services
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Huawei is trying to build its own services in its smartphones, which will be acting as a substitute for Google Play Services. The company is calling it Huawei Mobile Services or HMS, and if the conflicts between the company and America do not get resolved, then you will have to use Android without the Google Play Services or GMS.

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)

The major problem here for the company is not about the app store but about the APIs that differentiates Android from AOSP. HMS has to provide similar functionality like Google, which means it has to give an experience that is the same on all devices irrespective of their platform version.

Now let’s go brief on what do we get if we use a Huawei device with HMS –

1. Account Kit  This feature will be a substitute for the GMS’s google sign-in feature. You can easily log in to any core app with your Huawei account, which will save you the time for verifications such as Email and phone number. On the other hand, it will also help the developer as he does not need to process the registration or sign-up.

You can easily log in with a one-click authorization process. Much like GMS, it also has two-factor authorization for your account’s security, and your data is fully secured and encrypted.

2. Location Kit – This feature is the substitute for the GMS location provider, and it gives you a high success rate in location, and according to the company, the success rate is the same even if you are offline. With high and fast positioning accuracy, it also has low power consumption.

3Map Kit – This feature covers for the GMS’s map capabilities and talking about the features, this app gives every developer a personalized map with higher elements and more interactions. The Map Kit covers an impressive 150+ countries and 40+ distinctive languages.

4. Game Service – Just like the Google Play Games, you can use this app for checking your positioning and keeping track of your accomplishments in your games. On the coming updates, you can expect it to be having features like tracking statistics for a particular game, which will consist of things like duration and power + battery consumption.

5. Drive Kit – It is clear by the name that this app by HMS will be substituting the Google Drive for Online storage. The Drive Kit by HMS also provides features like encryption, easy interface, support for multiple devices, and real-time file updating.

6. Push Kit – This feature of HMS enables an app developer to communicate with its users on the cloud. This feature is the substitute for Google’s cloud Messaging, and it will help the developer to push out changelogs much faster among its users, which will increase the productivity of the app and a relationship between the dev and the users.


In closing, we would like to say that the HMS has a lot of potential in itself, and it shows Huawei does not want to lose its fan-base in the USA or other areas because of this Trade BAN. It is a big challenge for the company to survive in the US market without Google Play Services or GMS, but in China and other parts of the world, the company is not lagging behind.

Currently, Huawei has more than 530 Million users in more than 170 countries around the world, which shows the potential and productivity of the HMS Core in other parts of the world. Right now, we have to wait and see if the people are willing to adapt to a new Core app functionality or not.

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