ASUS ROG unveils their new Gaming Rigs! To be powered by both AMD and Intel CPUs!


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is on fire right now and every company whether small or big are launching its new innovations and products. Well, Asus is not far behind as the company has recently announced its new Gaming Rigs at the CES recently. Asus has launched desktops for both the High-end and the affordable market. The ROG Strix GT35 and GA35 are launched for the premium or high-end market and for the budget segment, the company has released Asus ROG GT15 and GA15.

ROG Strix GT35 and GA35 –

Talking about the Strix GT35 and GA35, both these rigs are to be powered by Intel Core ship based on the 10th generation process, or AMD’s 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X which is AMD Ryzen’s 3rd generation processor. For the graphics card, we can expect a triple-fan ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti that can cope-up with these high-end chips.

ROG Strix GT35
image: Wccftech

Talking about the motherboard, both of these machines will be having the ROG Strix X570-F that has support for multi-GPU configurations and a PCIe 4.0 slot. With the multi-GPU configurations, you will have increased bandwidth and not only that, you can play a gamble on your graphics performance and double down it. These upcoming machines will also have support for NFC and Keystone 2.

For heat dissipation in such huge machines, ROG has given liquid cooling and a 240mm radiator and not only that, but the triple fan on the graphics card will also help in controlling the temperature of the gaming rig.

For your operating system and huge demanding games, ASUS has given the option for 1TB or 2TB HDD as per your needs and for more smoother functioning these machines will also have an SSD plus of 1 Terabyte. Talking about the RAM, there is an option for a 64 gig RAM with a speed of 32,000 MHz.

Talking about the cabinet, on the front you have a USB 3.2 port, dual USB Type-C, and Type-A ports, a split headphone, and a microphone 3.5mm port. Going towards the back portion, you have one SPDIF port, one HDMI 2.0b, five audio jacks for stereo sound, five USB Type-A ports, and one USB Type-C port, a USB 3.2 first-gen, a USB 3.2-second-gen, DisplayPort 1.4, and a gigabit Ethernet port.

This doesn’t end here, the gaming desktop also has two hot-swappable SSD drive slots present at the front of the machine which makes it perfect for Esports tournaments according to the company.

Asus ROG GT15 and GA15

Talking about the GT15, it will be powered by a Ryzen 7 3800X CPU and for the Graphics card, it will be running the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super. Talking about the design, the GA15 has a dual-chamber design which plays an important role in cooling and it also separates the processor with the graphics card.


Talking about the other ports and functionalities, on the front the GA15 has a USB Type-C and Type-A port, two USB 3.2 first-gen, a split headphone, and a microphone 3.5mm port. On the rear side, there are six USB Type-A ports in which four of them are USB 3.2 first-gen and the rest two are USB 3.2 second-gen.

Apart from all of this, it also has a DisplayPort 1.4, DVI-D, D-Sub, HDMI 2.0b, and Ethernet ports with three audio jacks. Taking a look at the RAM, you will have an option of 32 gigs of DDR4 RAM with a speed of 3200 MHz and for storage, you will have the highest option of a 2TB of hard disk and 1TB of SSD.

The GA series (including GA35 and GA15) ASUS ROG will be available from the first quarter of this year and the date for the GT series (including GT35 and GT15) is still disclosed by the company.

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