About us

Whoop To Us is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2019 to offer information about the latest technology and how it may also help people to enhance and improve life. We dig deep into the below ground depths of technological understanding, digging up the most vital, behind-the-scenes information. How we get the information and knowledge? We are always looking for information as we love technology.

To put it, we’re a one-stop-info provider for some serious technologies. Our authors head into the depths of the future in search of the genuine story behind what’s there today, and what will be tomorrow. You, our dynamic community, fill in all the gaps by gabbing and talking.

We try to go deeper into technology. We look behind the scenes and get to the concept of the products which drive them. We always are interested in covering new and upcoming technologies so, if you have an idea of us then just like facebook, twitter and Pinterest page for the latest technology stories.


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