About Whoop to us

Whoop To Us is an ambitious Tech News effort to offer information about the latest technology. We’re a one-stop-info provider for some serious technologies.

Whooptous is a news website founded in 2019 which brings you the latest news on technologies that include operating systems, software, smartphones, gadgets, and gears. Our intention to provide you with in-depth information about current or upcoming technologies.

Our Team

A small dedicated team runs Whooptous. All our articles come from technology enthusiasts, experts, and journalists. Below is our team list who contributes their work to the website.

Biswajit Mondal

Founder, Developer

Passionate for coding, kind of addicted to it. He enjoys designing complex systems that are easy to use. He also offers freelancing in software development.

Abhijit Mondal


A technology enthusiast who is passionate about rising smart device innovations. Besides blogging, he is learning visual effects(VFX). When he is not writing, probably you will get him in CSGO.

Akshit Tiwari

Senior Editor

He is a blogger who is interested in technology. Besides blogging, he likes to read books in my free time and still believe in Fountain Pen and Tea.

Partha Saha

News Writer

Parth is an aspiring blogger, a content creator, a gadget and smartphone geek, a digital influencer, and a motorcycle enthusiast.